When love for people and professionalism come together

Tony & Sarah2

The founders of Witthouse Counseling, Anthony and Sarah Witt, began with a love for people. They then spent several years acquiring the training they needed to effectively counsel in a number of areas. Over the years they have not only been able to help a great amount of people, but they have built a reputation that has led to partnership with many like-minded counselors, therapists, and soul care providers. With a desire to treat both mind and spirit, these trained professionals have joined forces to offer the best of care.


It all started at a storefront in Kewanee, IL. Anthony and Sarah provided professional counseling services to many in need of help in that community. Given their robust desire to continually improve their services, it wasn’t long until they acquired more counselors and established relationships with other like-minded counselors. Many of these provide similar services all over the country, which has led to the establishment of telehealth services now known as Witthouse Counseling.


Perhaps one of the most striking characteristics of Witthouse Counseling is the development of their values that permeate every aspect of their practice. Not only will you find professionalism, but also qualities like integrity, humility, and genuine compassion. The counselors at Witthouse share a deep love for God and a commitment to live according to His ways. This has resulted in a sincere love for people – each one precious in His sight.

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